Cosmik Digitals

Speed Kills (T-Shirt Design for Gnarly Magazine)

Tattoo Design for Jahpix

Logo Design for Mike FX/Rotten Resin

T-Shirt Design for Angry Brush Kustom Paint

Space Chip/Cosmik Design

Wild Cat/Cosmik Design

Cheezus/Cosmik Design

Hot Rod Maniac/Cosmik Design

I’m Fuckin’ Smiling/Cosmik Design

I Come For The Coffee/Cosmik Design

Tiki-J Support Your Local Tiki Carver (T-Shirt Design)

The Lucitones (T-Shirt design)

Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Dresden 2019 (Gig Poster)

Alien Invasion/Cosmik Design

Cosmik Slug Forever/Cosmik Design

Kustom Kulture Forever 2019 (Non-Official Cosmik Poster)

Wrap Fink (Digital Design for Metro Wrap)

Halloween Sufferance (Pedal Design for Frost Giant Electronics)

Switchblade Jesus (Logo Design)

Midnight Mojo (Commissioned Design)

Laughing Madman (Logo Design)

Tow Truck Hooked Up (Collab with Micah Doodles)

Rat Truck (Collab with Micah Doodles)

Fuzzville Live  (Commissioned Design)

Mr Pinstriper (Commissioned Design)

We Come In Peace

We Come In Peace/Cosmik Design

Frost Giant (Pedal Design for Frost Giant Electronics)

Asphalt Fiends (Cosmik Design)

KOOK (T-Shirt Design)

Wo Fat (Backdrop Design at Desert Fest 2018)

Taking a Trip…(T-Shirt Design for Bloodnut)

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